1. Liquid Gold is Taking Over the Nation

    Liquid Gold is Taking Over the Nation.

    Liquid good is taking over the states and it's not going to stop there. Growers are taking advatange of the extraction community and profits are soaring. However, more concerns in the political view of this phenomenon as more states want to open the doors to legalization while more conservative states still fight on cannabis being an illegal substance.


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  2. The NFL and NFL Players' Association Will Study Cannabis for Pain Management

    NFL and medical cannabis.

    Should the NFL allow players to use medical cannabis?


    One of the most exciting parts about professional football is seeing goliaths go head-to-head on the field, delivering crushing blows to the marvel of the crowd. For the players, such continuous trauma comes at a cost. It often means substantial injuries and multiple surgeries. Playing football professionally has been likened to experiencing a car crash over and over. The trouble is, modern medicine doesn’t have many tools to properly manage chronic pain. A lot of players simply live with it for life. And so, long-term solutions are wanting. It isn’t just when players retire that they

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  3. Harvard and MIT Receive $9 Million Donation to Study Cannabis

    Harvard & MIT donation  

    Difficult to Study 

    There’s a huge divide in opinions regarding medical cannabis. While poll after poll shows that Americans support its availability, many doctors are wary, saying not enough research has been done to determine its safety and effectiveness. To overcome this hurdle, more clinical research must be done. The problem is, due to its designation as a schedule I narcotic under federal law, there’s a lot of red tape. It can take years to get the paperwork squared away. The government has been studying the plant for years. But advocates say most of these studies have been framed around addiction. Now, the government has loosened up a tad on restrictions and is making more cannabis available for studies. But this is more window dressing than allowing for ser

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  4. The 50 States of Cannabis: Maryland

    Maryland's cannabis laws.  

    Licensing Debacle 

    In 2013, Maryland’s General Assembly passed a medical cannabis bill. This was signed into law by then-Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley. But it wouldn’t be until 2018 that such a program was in place. The state quickly formed the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. But the commission soon became overwhelmed by the process. For instance, while only 94 dispensary licenses were allowed by law, the state had to wade through 500 applications. 15 cultivators were selected out of 150, and 15 processors out of 150. Seven of these companies were in fact, producer-processors. Then, after licenses were awarded, the state was hit with a flurry of lawsuits crying bias

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  5. 38 State Attorneys General Urge Congress to Pass Cannabis Banking Law

    Attorneys general  

    An Unprecedented Message 

    A state’s attorney general has big shoes to fill. He or she has to prosecute crimes against the state while complying with federal law. Now, the vast majority, 38 in all, have come out against current federal law and in support of the cannabis industry. What message are these top lawyers sending? They’re urging the federal government to allow enterprises in the cannabis industry access to the banking system. A little over two weeks before,

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  6. Medical Cannabis Patients Tend to Quit or Lessen Prescription Drug use

    Opioids and medical cannabis 

    Impact on Healthcare

    As cannabis becomes more mainstream, analysts and scholars ponder what the impact might be to certain demographics and areas of society. Currently, over 2.1 million Americans have a medical cannabis prescription, and that number is growing rapidly. Recently, two researchers, one at the University of Michigan and another at the University of Buffalo, wondered what the impact would be on the

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  7. 50 States of Cannabis: Maine

    Maine's cannabis laws.  

    A History of Tolerance

    Cannabis wasn’t a big deal in Maine until 1913. That’s when a lot of states across the country began curtailing usage. A federal ban didn’t come until 1937. This still allowed medical use but seriously curtailed the recreational kind. In 1970, the federal government placed cannabis under the Controlled Substances Act. It was classified as a schedule I narcotic, many say erroneously. This designation indicates the plant as one of the most dangerous substances known to humans, and without any medical benefit. Recently uncovered documents find that

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  8. Maine Releases a Draft of its Recreational Regulatory Structure

    Maine's new cannabis laws 

    Dueling Consultants 

    This northernmost eastern state typifies New England’s famed tolerance. Mainers approved recreational cannabis way back in 2016 as part of a voter referendum. Yet, although they can grow and consume the plant at home, state residents can’t purchase it at a retailer. Of course, the whole point of legalization is to establish a state-sanctioned marketplace, in order to eliminate the black market. That hasn’t occurred, yet. But the state’s topmost cannabis official recently stated that such a market should be ready by the

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  9. Lawsuit may Force Nevada to Reveal it’s Cannabis Licensing Procedure

    Nevada lawsuit  

    Cannabis in Nevada

    In 2017, Nevada voters approved recreational cannabis. Sales began in 2018 and exceeded expectations. Sales and tax revenues blew past their forecast by a whopping 25%. Combined medical and recreational sales last year totaled $580 million. In comparison, that same year California netted $300

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  10. The 50 States of Cannabis: Louisiana

    Medical cannabis in Louisiana.  

    A Long History

    Recreational cannabis is nowhere near becoming a reality in Louisiana. For first offenders, possession of 14 grams or less is punishable by up to 15 days in prison and/or a fine of up to $300. While traditionally, it’s had some of the harshest drug laws on the books, some advocates believe Louisiana will eventually legalize adult-use, to help pull the state out of debt. That won’t be anytime soon.

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