Ai Fully Automatic 70 gal/hr C1D2 SST Falling Film Evaporator

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Ai FF70 Falling Film Evaporator Features

  • 70 gallons per hour running rate
  • Fully automatic operation
  • 304/316 3A sanitary stainless steel construction
  • RTD controlled ethanol preheater
  • Pressure/vacuum relief valve
  • Stainless steel support stand and mounting point
  • C1D2 stainless enclosure with 10" HMI
  • Remote mounted main power panel - Non rated
  • 16.5 CFM vacuum scroll pump
  • Modulating vacuum control valve
  • Manual control valves for liquid heating systems, vacuum control, and liquid chilling system
  • C1D2, UL compliant, peer-engineer reviewed
  • Made and factory tested in the USA


 Model  FF70
 Electrical requirements  208V 60Hz 3~Phase 15 Amps
 Temperature range  5°C to 100°C
 Production capacity  70 gallons per hour (dependent upon operator settings)
 Residency time  Less than 3 minutes
 Material  304/316, 3A sanitary stainless steel
 Controller  Wash down rated touch screen
 Evaporation & condensing chamber  - Insulated 8 x 45" shell and tube design with 4" inline sight glass
 - Liquid heated and cooled
 Utility fluids

     Temperature: 5-10°C
     Min. flow rate: 20 gallon per minute
     Pressure: 14.9 PSI
     Temperature: 100°C
     Min. flow rate: 20 gallon per minute
     Pressure: 14.9 PSI


 UL, C1D2, peer engineer reviewed

 Unit dimensions   52 x 27.5 x 114" (WxDxH)
 Unit weight  2,300 Lbs
 Warranty  One year

 Heating system at $20,785
   Optional, Made in the USA

 - 15-HP Columbia hot water boiler system
 - 120V 60Hz, 1~Phase, 15 Amps, 630K BTU
 - Skid mounted
 - Natural gas fired process heater
 - High efficiency burner and fuel train
 - 100-gallon tank capacity
 - Remote mounted circulation pump and panel
 - 50-80 gpm flow rate
 - 50-120°C operating range

 Cooling system at $44,000
   Optional, Made in the USA

 - 25-ton G&D glycol chiller
 - 230V 60Hz 3~Phase, 116 Amps
 - 190 gallon stainless steel tank
 - Compress: Tandem Scroll
 - Condenser: Air-cooled with EC motors
 - Coolant pump: 2 HP
 - GPM: 65 at 25 PSI
 - Connection: 1.5" FPT
 - Heat exchanger: Stainless steel brazed plate
 - Skid-mounted
 - Dual scroll compressor with vertical fan system
 - Frame: Powder coated steel, housing: powder coated aluminum
 - Enclosure rating: NEMA 3R
 - Weight: 4,830 Lbs (Approx.)
 - Refrigerant: R410a
 - Cooling capacity
     30°F: 226,800 BTU/H, 66.5 kW
     40°F: 273,000 BTU/H, 80.0 kW
     50°F: 324,000 BTU/H, 95.2 kW


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